Manager - Commercial 商务经理

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BIC Job Description

Job holder:

Job Title

Director – Commercial


FunctionBusiness Management


Employment Relationship

Home Office

Initiated By

General Objective:

Analyze and negotiate a variety of commercial problems/crises that BUs are currently facing or will potentially be facing; and provide managerial and commercial support to BUs to enhance the BUs’ performance and organization capability and market position.h

Reporting Relationship:

Reports To

VP – Business  Management

Direct Reports

Manager – Commercial

Key Contacts:


Customers,  Business Partners, Government Agencies,


GMs and Managers related to Commercial, Finance and Operation  at Business Unit, All Departments  in Home Office

Key Responsibilities (DO!)

Key Performance Measures (DELIVER!)


1.      Perform major contractual and business assignments in collaboration with BUs in order to find effective solutions to conflicts, problems and issues which constrain the BUs’ performance;

2.      Service and support the BUs to achieve market enhancement, accumulate and apply expertise so as to improve BUs’ market position and sales;

3.      Monitor the performance of BUs within its business environment to identify and study the potential business opportunity and risk that BUs may face, to improve BUs’ business model and reduce the commercial risks;

4.      Identify, study and promote the best practices and knowledge to facilitate the BUs’ achievement of being a high-performance enterprise;

5.      Provide BUs’ with on-going management and commercial support, and facilitate appropriate communication and coordination;

6.      Contribute to develop and improve Company’s business management system, expertise and policies;

7.      Demonstrate good business acumen and judgement in making recommendations or taking action to solve conflicts / problems;

8.      Manage insurance claims involved.


1.      Completion of each specific assignment (e.g. negotiation of new business relationship agreement with BUs major customer) and successful achievement of the objective set by Company Senior Management;

2.      Gain BUs GM respect and demonstrate that close cooperation has been achieved;

3.      Complete the specific assignment (as agreed with people manager) with successful achievement of the objective, in related to BUs managerial systems and procedures; recommendations made and appropriate revision programmes implemented;

4.      Demonstrate and communicate accurate understanding and assessment of BUs’ business environment and performance;

5.      Recommendations on specific action that can be taken to improve best practice and commercial performance at BUs.

6.      Administrate approval process for contracts/cost in line with Company’s DOA;

7.      Timely completion of insurance claims at a satisfactory level if any.



Job Qualification (DISPLAY!)

Key Competencies

  • Excellent skills to understand and manage complicated situation;
  • Excellent capability to develop and maintain the winning plan;
  • Strong and disciplined management and organizational skills;
  • Excellent cooperation and teamwork spirit, either inside or outside the Company;
  • Excellent skill of balancing the detail and over-all picture.

Education Background

  • Bachelor’s degree or above in business, engineering or relevant field.


  • Intensive managerial work experience of at least 10 years preferably in enterprise management, contractual and legal or related areas;
  • Work experience with foreign invested enterprises (FIEs) preferred;
  • Experience in power plant or power industry preferred.

Computer/Language/Other skills

  • Good written and spoken English;
  • MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint).


The job description is part of every employee’s contract.  However, this is not necessarily an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, skills, duties, requirements, efforts or working conditions associated with the job.  While this is intended to be an accurate reflection of the current job, management reserves the right to revise the job or require that other or different tasks be performed when circumstances change.



Updates and Approval


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by Immediate Supervisor:



by Department Head:



Checked by HR Manager:





Approved by CEO:




Accepted  by Job Holder:










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